Friday, December 28, 2007

Shaun The Sheep - Number 27


So here we go, Shaun The Sheep's 'Life's A Treat', sliding down the charts to Numner 27. Due largely I think to the invisibility (or inaudibility) of the single. No radio play bar the odd promotional plug by Vic Reeves, no TV.

On the bright side I guess this is as close as I will ever get to a Kylie sandwich. She's at Number 26 and Number 32. There are much much worse places to be. She is, after all, a goddess.

On another matter, it's coming up to new year's eve. I couldn't wait till Jan 1 to start my new year's resolution so began my diet yesterday. Current weight: 100kg. Target weight: 85kg. Deadline: 30th June. No particular event but 6 months seems like a sensible amiount of time to take.

So my other resolution is to blog more and, of course, to blog better. Once a week as a minimum.

Now that I have blogged my resolutions am I more likely to stick with them? Does blogging work like that? It would be great if it did.