Monday, December 17, 2007

Shaun The Sheep - Number 20

So - Shaun The Sheep's 'Life's A Treat' straight in at Number 20 in the Official UK Chart.

This is OK news - the few shops that do stock physical singles tend only to display the top 20 so we have just scraped onto the Woolworths 'free standing display unit' of the chart. We might even sell some more copies this week. As a kids novelty single the download market is negligible - it's the stocking filler market that we need to hit.

Still, number 20 eh? The number 1 slot looks a very long way away especially as almost no-one has heard the track on the radio or seen it on TV. Compare that to whatever wins the X-Factor - it can (and probably will) be total shite and will still sell.

But I'm not bitter.